Posted on januari 17, 2012


I have recently put in some photos from the trips of my youth in the Facebook timeline,including from my trip to Canada in 1983 and the football World Cup in Mexico 1986th. The common denominator between the two countries was ”the wave”. In Canada, I was on my first baseball game ever and there I also experience the wave for the first time.
However, it was not a full wave because baseball grandstand was not round.

In Mexico in 1986 came the wave for the first time to a football World Cup and it was then it became known to the world. It was a very powerful experience to experience it when 120 000 people doing it together. It even became so popular in Mexico as though there was no program at Aztec Stadium was packed with people and did the wave.

The Twitter wave

Tonight wrote a Swedish twitter friend @NygrenP  ”22:22” in his status and I replied one minuts later ”23:23” because I´m located an hour before in Finland. It was a bit of humor and now we intend to try to start a twitter wave that goes round the earth in 24 minutes.

So in pacific timezon you tweet ”13:37 #TheTwitterWave”  

And here is the first #TheTwitterwave tweets

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