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Posted on juni 23, 2012


I’ve been thinking about to start blogging in English, but since most of my blog readers and twitter friends are Swedish-speaking, it has not happened.

Some things that have happened recently have made me think again:

Firstly, I love InfoGraphics a lot and I thought to learn to do such. I have searched for software that helps one to make them simple. There are some free SoMe services such as or

Secondly, I was nominated to a list of 100 twitterers in Finland and YLE (the equivalent of England’s BBC) produced. YLE had the finnish twitter community to recommend people in Finland and they who filled the requirements was submitted.

Thirdly YLE published this list on its website and has in turn meant that I have received a lot of new twitter followers from Finland.


Then I decided to do my first infographics on FinlandTop100 and even start blogging in English.
Anyone who is interested in me find info on my LinkedIn profile and I will collect my English blog posts under a english category.

First, I collected data on the 100 different accounts on the list and then there was the big question is how would I present and by what. The tool that I chose my factotum graphical tool Apples Keynote and there were seven different statistics things I chose to present.

The result you see here, my first infographic picture.

  1. Categories (there are eleven categories, which have divided the various twittrarna.)
    No big surprise that the media and SoMe nerds are over-represented.
  2. Man vs Women
    There are nine accounts that are not linked to a specific gender. Perhaps not so surprising that there are more men when there are many geeks and IT people.
  3. Early adopters
    Twitter was launched July 15, 2006 and I am impressed how quickly the first in the Top100 list, had procured account. Now I do not know if @karde is the first Finn to the twitter account, but he is at least one of the first.
    I brought the person in Sweden is considered to have the earliest account of comparison.
  4. Tweets
    I took out the three who tweets the most on the list. Impressive amounts that they have created over the years.
    One can get followers in twitter in different ways. The one witch has the most followers Heikki Kovalainen is a big celebrity in f1 and get quite a few followers automatically. Many others are working up the networks by being active to follow other twitter accounts.
  6. Localization
    That has been what one has written in there profile, so it is far from complete. Many have written only Finland or not what their home base is.
    It is clear that many are based in Helsinki.
  7. Companies
    In the same way here, I assumed what they have written in there profile where they work.
    Quite naturally, it’s the media companies at the top because very many on the list have with media to do. There are only five companies that have more than one representative on the list.
    There is only one company that has more than one in the list.

Infographics over 100 twitter accounts in Finland


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