Let the user tell the story (Part 1)

Posted on september 30, 2012


“The important thing is not that we are telling the story…

…instead we are giving the users the opportunity and reason to do it!

Mats Adamczak, sept 2012

I have now been nine months at paf and if possible even happier that I have to start here, than when I joined. My colleagues at Clubpaf actually has 10 years of experience in social media, they started with that even before facebook and twitter was around.
The background to it is really a rather awkward situation. Paf has gaming license in Åland, but after some political decisions in Finland so paf has not had to market themselves or even the hint of it in Finnish teritorium. It sounds like the death knell for any company that does not have to market themselves or even run the most basic brand awareness.

However, with hindsight, it has forced the paf to think outside the box and made that paf has its ”Play Among Friends” think.

The funny thing is that we are called a monopoly company when our Finnish colleague Veikkaus has full presence on the island.Politicians in Finland think that it is perfectly logical that Veikkaus shall have the right to be and act in Åland because Åland belongs to Finland and Veikkaus has gaming license in Finland …

This situation has existed since 2002 and who knows how long it will last.

Well, what have paf really done. They have among other things focused on its club paf trips around the world. That in itself is not unique, but the big difference with other gaming companies is that paf’s employees comply with the trips and that it is not only the best players who have a chance to come by. It could be just anyone of our customers and from any country.

In the first place, so feel fellow passengers that it is more authenticity when paf’s staff is with them on the trip and many become friends with our staff and continue to keep in touch via Facebook and other channels on a personal level. The second thing that happens is that those who come along for the ride, enjoy the journey more than those who are accustomed to winning and often get special treatment anyway.

The more someone appreciate something, the more they will also share their experiences. Return on Engagement (ROE)

The probability of a long lasting relationship increases significantly if you feel taken care of and that is important as a person ”Among friends”.


What has all this with storytelling to do? Well paf gives the winners of the trips the opportunity to tell their story, first when they have won the trip, which they share in the coffee room with their colleagues and to all there friends.No when Facebook is around, so will they share photos of the trip and also tell about the trip even afterwards for there friends.

The interesting thing about travel is that it unites entirely unfamiliar people in a very short time and you have a tendency to only talk about the positive things for your  friends. Just look at Facebook, the vast majority of writing and sharing the nice things that occur in life. This is of course not a new phenomenon by any means. Remember when you traveled to in the past and bought postcards. It was probably seldom they bought the ugliest postcard they found and wrote only the negative things that had happened during the trip…

Paf has done this with there club paf trips for the last 10 years and it has shaped the company’s soul and made ​​it a cat among the ermines in the gaming industry. In social media, you have to sell in the secondary, and that’s exactly what paf has done the past 10 years through their club paf trips. It is also called word of mouth both analog and digital.

This is an example of the commitment of our customers. These won a trip to Hawaiii

It is gratifying to now seriously beginning to see it in game services. However, this requires a lot of testing (learning by doing) before you have found the right formula in the Games to Play Among Friends feeling full.
It is quite clear that we’re talking about games that have not really changed in 200 years in its basic design. The only thing that has happened is when analogue Games began digitized in the late 90’s. There was paf in a very early stage and thanks to creative employees, it is now even with at the frontiers when it comes to developing the next generation of gambling.

My own path

In the next blog post I will talk about my path to Storytelling.


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