Apple removed swedish langue in Finland iTunes Appstore

Posted on maj 3, 2013


Last weekend was suddenly  the Swedish language replaced to Finnish language in iTunes and in Appstore.

In Finland there are about 5 million people, and of those about 300,000 speak Swedish. Now, Apple decided to remove images-1Swedish from both iTunes and the Appstore. This means that many do not understand what the various apps can do…

Now it would be very  interesting to know if it is only in Finland that they have removed the second language in the country or if they have done it also in Canada, Belgium and other countries that have more official languages ​​than one language.

Åland radio interviewed apple support finland and received the following reply: Apple Finland has deleted Swedish as selectable languages ​​for their services in appstore and itunes. It confirms Apple customer service in Finland . It is still possible to choose Sweden as a country when services are used but then it is not possible to buy apps and music, or make updates.


Now I have got hold of the journalist.

We referred to the headquarters press center in the United States, or Ireland for an extended interview and explanation … However, the guy at customer service nationwide Swedish and even he thought the decision was crazy!



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